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The 4 Pillars of a Healthy Lifestyle

When you think of a healthy lifestyle you probably think of the BIG TWO: diet and exercise. Am I right?

Focusing on ONLY on those two pillars are very important to keep your PHYSICAL WELLNESS thriving! What we eat & how often we move will keep our bodies functioning pretty well. But what about the other 2?

Believe it or not, to live a physically well life, there is more that impacts the body!

The third pillar is STRESS. Generally speaking, people who are very stressed out (their words) tend to live shorter lives with many stress-induced illnesses. Now, here is the magic behind that statement. The shortened/illness ridden life is only observed in those people who THINK they are stressed out.

Seriously! If you had two people who are under the same observable AMOUNT of stressors, but one of them told themselves at regular intervals “this feeling of stress is really making me stronger and more resilient.” Then THAT person wouldn’t have an early mortality or experience stress-induced illnesses. WHOA!!! GAME. CHANGER.

The fourth and final pillar is SLEEP. Probably didn’t want to hear that right? Most of us are pretty sleep-deprived and my new mama friends have probably given up on this pillar all together. Well, good news and bad news on the little sleep front..

First the bad news. We should all be getting between 7-9 hours of sleep every night! Now, I really really try to do this, but life is life. It isn’t perfect.

Now the good news. QUALITY counts for more than quantity. While it isn’t exactly an even trade off, if you are getting deep sleep with minimal waking during the night your body is able to spend more of your sleep healing and recuperating versus just trying over and over to GET to the deep sleep.

Are you struggling with any of these 4 pillars? We cover them in depth in The MiMo Method. And we have a GROUP START beginning on May 6th! Jump in today!

Want to end the struggle and transform your body for good? Check out my method here!

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