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Stay F. I. T. this FOOD SEASON!

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I absolutely love this time of year. Not necessarily for the riding boots and sweaters or the long lines for a PSL at that coffee joint we all love, but for the FOOD!!

October is candy month and I love to help my children “sort” through their Halloween goodies. Then comes November with the feast of all feasts that has me pulling out my old maternity leggings. And don’t even get me STARTED on December!! Holiday parties, Christmas cookies, cold weather that let’s me hide my ever-increasing bulk! It’s perfect. Right up until the first warm weather hits and has me busting out of my shorts swearing to “be better” next holiday season.

I’m sure (at least I really really hope) i’m not alone in this!

This year, let’s do things different! Let’s strike BEFORE the iron is hot and set ourselves up for the BEST holiday season yet. The best part? I’m not going to tell you what or how to eat! Love your food, eat your food and stay HEALTHY! How?

It all begins with staying F.I.T. during the last quarter of the year.


We usually have some major events and even travels that happen over the holiday season! Instead of waiting to see how your healthy movement habits work into that schedule, put them on your calendar first! Make your time spent moving your body a priority.

Download your free 28 day planner here


Flash forward to spring of this coming year. Who do you want to be then? Do you want to be the person who put on an uncomfortable amount of weight and is spending time yo-yo dieting again to get in shape for the summer or do you want to be enjoying your life and embodying what it looks like to be healthy?

Decide right now.

Then, put this into practice by telling yourself daily WHO you want to be. (If you listen to the podcast here we talk in depth about particular things that you can say to yourself to “hack” your way into healthy living.)


You only have one life and it should be magnificent. Yes, part of that is sitting around the table spending time with family, but a BIG part should be making sure you are taking care of your body so that you can stick around living a QUALITY life for as long as you can.

Here are my 4 tips to making health stick.

  1. Stress Less - knowing first that stress is in how we frame it. Learn more here

  2. Sleep Better - aim for 7-9 hrs a night. Break up with the late night habits that keep you worried and awake.

  3. Seek Stillness - find time every day to step away from distraction and take 5 big deep breaths.

  4. Self-Care - taking care of yourself should always support your goals. Even making sure you get 30 minutes of movement a day can make a HUGE difference.

Do you want a personal life coach? Someone to walk you through this and things like it?

Schedule your free consultation with Gretchen and see if we would be a good fit. No strings attached!

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