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Benefits of Adding Resistance Bands to your Workout!

If you are a members of the Body Freedom Fitness Studio you have probably noticed that I have been introducing resistance bands into the new workouts for February, March and (just now!) April! These workouts will be there permanently and I high encourage you do work in at least one a week.

Why?? The benefits of adding strength training, specifically with resistance bands, are numerous. So, sit back and let me convince you - in 5 reasons - to join me in some of the newest workouts in the Body Freedom Fitness Studio (you know you can start for free right?).

1) They keep your muscles engaged throughout the whole exercise!

With traditional strength training using body weigh or added resistance through dumbells, there is a very clear work and rest phase of the exercise. Think about a simple biceps curl, we can all agree that the hard part is the curl right?? Things get a little easier on the way down...thank you gravity! Using a resistance band makes us exert control on the way down to maintain our stability throughout the exercise.

2) They are great for functional exercises.

A functional exercise is anything that helps mimic everyday movement. This is a preferred way of training (as opposed to machines at the gym for instance) for clients who are wanting to get in shape to live the type of life they want to live! Bands allow you to move through multiple planes and perform multi-joint exercises. This means the exercises we do will help you be stronger in the things that you are already doing! Ready to go up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath??!

3) They make it easy to level up an exercise in real time.

Have you ever done a workout with dumbells and you can't quite find the right amount of challenge for yourself? Or halfway through the exercise you realize you need a lighter weight because your muscles are getting exhausted? I FEEL YOU!! I hate wasting time trying to get the right weight. With a resisitance band it is easy to just grab a litte closer to the anchor point to make it harder or let out a little band to make it easier. No more wasted time! Make the most out of your workout.

4) They are easy to travel with!

As you may know, I just got done with a 10 day travel (away from my babies - it was hard!) teaching sales & marketing to life coaches certified through Covenant Coach Academy . When I am working out on the road i ALWAYS pack a resistance band. They can even slide into your purse! Super easy and convienient. Pair this with your Body Freedom Fitness Studio membership and there are really NO excuses for meeting your 5 workouts a week (you know that is how many you should get right?)

5) They are super affordable!

I remember early in Covid when everyone was trying to stack their home gyms. We even bought a weight bench. That stuff is not cheap and then REALLY HEAVY so it is NOT a cost effective solution to working out at home. These band are! You can get a full package of traditional bands with handles in multiple resistances that includes door anchors, band loops and more for less than $30 and if you are a Prime member shipping is free!

So what are you waiting for?? Come try out these workout in The Body Freedom Fitness Studio today!

Note: if you are catching this after April of 2022 or wanting to see ALL the band workouts available, simply scroll down the page and click on the picture of me holding a resistance band, labeled "resistance band workouts" and that will take you to the resistance band workouts.

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