THE 3 phase approach That really works!

Phase 1:

prep the mind

  • Pre-Assessment Module

  • Weekly written lessons  

  • Weekly video workshops with printable  notes sheets

  • Weekly calendar pages

  • Access to on-demand workouts (includes chair workout modifications - no additional equipment purchase needed)

  • Lifetime course access!

Phase 1:

mindset reset

  • Complete a comprehensive initial assessment evaluating all 8 components of wellness.

  • Identify personal affirmations and get an implementation strategy.

  • Get a daily action plan suitable to your lifestyle and fitness level.

  • Learn how the R.A.M.P. method of behavior change works to fast track weight loss.

  • Take our Sleep Tracker quiz and find areas to harness the energy of sleep!

  • Begin your workouts.  There are over 30 instantly available all with chair modifications!

Phase 2:

breaking barriers

  • Start Phase 2 with a nutrition overview and detailed explanation of what, when, why and how we should be eating.  Get the science, not just the opinions! (BONUS WEBINAR with the MiMo recommended Registered Dietician.)

  • Take action against inflammation build-up in the body.

  • Learn the benefits of intermittent fasting.

  • Tailor your PERSONAL DIET to your lifestyle. (You decide what you eat and still lose weight!)

  • Dive deep into disordered eating patterns and see if past mindsets are attacking your current success -or lack thereof.

Phase 3:

Living your best life

  • This MAINTENANCE PHASE is an exclusive opportunity to make certain your efforts STICK!

  • Learn the 3 Secrets to lasting weight loss...okay, they are:

  • SECRET 1: Stress less - I show you how stress works, why we need it and how to keep it from impacting our lives negatively.

  • SECRET 2: Seek stillness - Quieting our mind is important, but seems unattinable.  Not after this lesson! ( BONUS COURSE "The 8 Ms of Modern Meditation" and printable mantra cards.)

  • SECRET 3: Self-care strategies - You DO know that "treat yo' self" is the OPPOSITE of self-care right? Learn how to do it right!



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