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 THE MIMO METHOD - the online course for learning how to finally get healthy by putting your MInd Into MOtion (MiMo) first!


The power is in YOU, not the perfect exercises or strategies.  In this program, you will be asked to dig deep and look at things that you may have never looked at before.   While we incorporate unlimited fitness and help strategize meal planning,  it is way more than a diet & exercise program.  It is a journey to complete self-discovery that will open your mind to the way things can be & make them a REALITY!!

Join today and get access to MyMimo - an online platform that includes the entire MiMo Method program and additional tools, techniques, workouts and lessons to help you create the health changes that you are chasing!


Note: This program is self-paced and done on your own.  If you are looking for individualizes attention, get a MiMo Method certified coach by clicking below.


What do I get in MyMimo?

WEEKLY TUTORIALS that walk you step by step through
The MiMo Method - you can do them at your own pace.

Unlimited access to
LIVE AND ON DEMAND WORKOUTS through the Body Freedom Fitness Studio.

THE MIMO METHOD PROGRAM GUIDE that will keep you on track toward your goals.

Get thousands of dollars in FREE BONUS CONTENT including:

Exclusive trainings with top health professionals
The Faith Meditation Series (10 full length recorded meditations)
The 28-Day Planner
Mantra Cards

Collaborative Recipe Collection
& More!

Take this chance to create your success story!


Who is the MiMo Method for?

Plug in to the 3 PHASE approach that actually works!

Phase 1:

mindset reset

  • Complete a comprehensive initial assessment evaluating 6 components of wellness.

  • Identify personal affirmations and get an implementation strategy.

  • Get a daily action plan suitable to your lifestyle and fitness level.

  • Learn how the R.A.M.P. method of behavior change works to fast track results.

  • Begin your workouts with unlimited LIVE and ON-DEMAND fitness. There are over 30 instantly available.  Everything from 10 min Abs to Power Yoga  - even chair fitness!

Phase 2:

breaking barriers

  • Start Phase 2 with a nutrition overview and detailed explanation of what, when, why and how we should be eating.  Get the science, not just the opinions! 

  • Take action against inflammation build-up in the body.

  • Tailor your PERSONAL DIET to your lifestyle. (You decide what you eat and still get massive results!)

  • Dive deep into life coaching and see if past mindsets are attacking your current success -or lack thereof.

Phase 3:

Living your best life

  • This maintenance phase is an exclusive opportunity to make certain your efforts STICK!

  • Partcipate in The Sleep Lab and find areas to harness the energy of sleep!

  • Learn how stress works, why we need it and how to keep it from impacting our lives negatively.

  • Get a crash course in meditation and enjoy 10 FREE GUIDED MEDITATIONS from your coach.  Meditations for emotional overwhelm, to help you sleep at night, for a total body relax, a nap meditation and more.

  • Use up-to-date strategies like dopamine fasting, intentional self care, and metacognition to take your results to the next level.

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