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Hi! I'm Gretchen Gegg, life coach, fitness educator and

the expert in BODY-POSITIVE weight loss!


I created The MiMo™ Method to help women who HATE FITNESS.  Together we stop working our, put our MInds into MOtion and reap MAXIMUM RESULTS with MINIMAL EFFORT!

Janis, Texas

I had previously been involved in fitness programs, but had become lax in my quest for personal wellness due in part to a family tragedy. I knew it was time for me to begin taking care of myself & I found MiMo at the perfect time. I would highly recommend this program to anyone. It is much more than a fitness/weight-loss program. It will prove to be a game changer for you physically & emotionally by working from the inside out; changing not only your body, but your life.

Joanna, South Carolina

I have always hated exercise and was 250 pounds overweight, but had recently started working on my state of mind and was ready for more.   Gretchen never made me feel judged or stupid. She started out with exercises I could do sitting down. Just doing something felt amazing. I am 206 pounds lighter and I actually workout at the gym now 4 days a week.  I am proud and happy and I will continue down the path Gretchen started me on. 

UPDATE: Joanna has lost 223 lbs!

Amanda, California

This program has changed my relationship with exercise.  I struggled to find programs that worked for my level of fitness - they often were too advanced for me, even when they were “beginner” level. I decided to try this program because it offered different modifications, including chair modifications, which I had never seen before. I love it! My strength and balance improved, but more importantly, I actually WANT to exercise.

THE 3 phase approach That really works!

Phase 1:

prep the mind

  • Pre-Assessment Module

  • Weekly written lessons  

  • Weekly video workshops with printable  notes sheets

  • Weekly calendar pages

  • Access to on-demand workouts (includes chair workout modifications - no additional equipment purchase needed)

  • Lifetime course access!

Phase 1:

mindset reset

  • Complete a comprehensive initial assessment evaluating all 8 components of wellness.

  • Identify personal affirmations and get an implementation strategy.

  • Get a daily action plan suitable to your lifestyle and fitness level.

  • Learn how the R.A.M.P. method of behavior change works to fast track weight loss.

  • Take our Sleep Tracker quiz and find areas to harness the energy of sleep!

  • Begin your workouts.  There are over 30 instantly available all with chair modifications!

Phase 2:

breaking barriers

  • Start Phase 2 with a nutrition overview and detailed explanation of what, when, why and how we should be eating.  Get the science, not just the opinions! (BONUS WEBINAR with the MiMo recommended Registered Dietician.)

  • Take action against inflammation build-up in the body.

  • Learn the benefits of intermittent fasting.

  • Tailor your PERSONAL DIET to your lifestyle. (You decide what you eat and still lose weight!)

  • Dive deep into disordered eating patterns and see if past mindsets are attacking your current success -or lack thereof.

Phase 3:

Living your best life

  • This MAINTENANCE PHASE is an exclusive opportunity to make certain your efforts STICK!

  • Learn the 3 Secrets to lasting weight loss...okay, they are:

  • SECRET 1: Stress less - I show you how stress works, why we need it and how to keep it from impacting our lives negatively.

  • SECRET 2: Seek stillness - Quieting our mind is important, but seems unattinable.  Not after this lesson! ( BONUS COURSE "The 8 Ms of Modern Meditation" and printable mantra cards.)

  • SECRET 3: Self-care strategies - You DO know that "treat yo' self" is the OPPOSITE of self-care right? Learn how to do it right!









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