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with Gretchen

Gretchen specializes in clients who are ready to tackle their toughest health/diet/fitness/wellness challenges HEAD ON & professionals in this industry (like doctors, nurses, fitness pros, personal trainers, chiropractors, wellness coordinators and name a few!) who are ready to put themselves first and serve their clients better. 

A certified master-level life coach through the Covenant Coach Academy & highly experienced wellness professional, Gretchen's methods include:

1) 6 Pillar Analysis
She guides her clients through a complete analysis of the 6 Pillars of Success: physical health, mental wellness, spirituality, finances, supportive environment and relationships.  Uncover what is keeping you from reaching your goals and get a solid strategy to address it!

2) Vision Strategy
Gretchen asks the tough questions to help you identify WHAT you want to achieve and WHY you have identified that goal. From here we break it down into manageable steps and plug into strategies derived from neuroscience to fast-track your dreams.

3) The R.A.M.P. Method
The R.A.M.P Method gives you a fail-proof and PROVEN strategy to streamline your life.
Beware, your life is about to change for the better!

4) Thought Training
Do you ever feel like life is working against you? No matter what you do, something always happens to hold you back? Thought training, is a life-altering technique rooted in metacognition that helps us make progress toward our goals even when BIG THINGS are in our way.

5) The MiMo Method
This is reserved specifically for clients who need health coaching combined with life coaching.  It is a 12-week process PROVEN to help you navigate through your old ways of thinking about diet and exercise and create your own environment of success around your personal health goals.  

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