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Getting Sticky!

Sometimes sticky is a good thing

Said no toddler parent ever.

However, when it comes to behavior change, we want our efforts to be as sticky as possible.

I’m talking “dropped a cinnamon roll icing side down on white shag rug” sticky.

Has anyone actually owned a white shag rug? That sounds like a terrible idea!

Have you ever had one of those moments? You know, you stay away from sugar for a month then gorge yourself on two giant slices of your daughter’s birthday cake because you are tired, feeling pressured and totally overwhelmed?

Not that I’m talking from my personal life.

Backsliding sucks. But why do we backslide? What does it take to weaken our resolve so much that our inner child having a tantrum wins the fight against our rational mind?

Usually some strange combination of lack of good quality sleep, feeling stressed out, not taking care of ourselves and being too busy too often.

I heard that...someone just said “sounds like motherhood.”

And too often it IS motherhood. We walk around in a Mom Fog of fatigue just trying to make it to the end of the day and if that involves a little too much birthday cake so be it.

Well, guess what? In light of the release of the book with that name exactly and the upcoming 21 day Mom Fog Challenge I’m sharing with you...

The 4 S’s to Making Good Behaviors Stick


Just like changing our mind is the "secret sauce" to changing our lives; getting good quality sleep is the "secret sauce" to having a good quality day!

Did you know that sleep has a HUGE impact on our overall health and even RISK OF DYING?! No? Check out these stats from the American Sleep Association:

  • 37% of 20-39 year-olds report not getting enough sleep

  • 40% of 40-59 year-olds report not getting enough sleep

  • 35.3% adults report less than 7 hours of sleep during a typical 24-hour period

  • 3–5% of the overall proportion of OBESITY in adults could be attributable tolack of appropriate sleep

  • 50-70 million US adults have a sleep disorder

  • 37.9% reported unintentionally falling asleep at least once in the preceding month.

  • 4.7% reported nodding off or falling asleep while driving at least once in the preceding month.

  • Drowsy driving is responsible for 1,550 fatalities and 40,000 nonfatal injuries annually in the United States

So do you believe me yet that sleep is important? Well, how much is enough?

The average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep!


We need some stress in our life. A little bit of stress encourages us to keep pushing toward our goals and trying to live the best life possible. However, add too many “to-do’s” that aren’t getting “to-done” and we start to feel the pressure. That pressure that has us complaining that we are too stressed out! There is a cure for that. There are some simple steps we can take to help manage our life and decrease our stress.

Here's a little bonus content from my 7 Day Stress cure workshop. Want to join the next one? Let me know!


Yes, you read that right! You get the priviledge of taking care of yourself. Do something that is JUST for you. And, if that wasn't hard enough, don't let yourself make the excuse that it will help you "be a better mom" or "not fight as much with your partner" or "my toes really NEED this pedicure because they look unhealthy." Nope, you have to admit that you are doing it for YOURSELF!! (Bonus, you WILL be a better mom, get in less fights and those toes will look really good if you DO go get a pedicure this week.)

Check out this Bonus interview with self-care expert Gracy Obuchowicz. Click here for more info on MiMo, Gretchen's premiere, online fitness and wellness program that is transforming the bodies, minds and spirits of women everywhere!


We live in a distracted culture. All day we are bombarded by pings, bings and reminders. Screens are a part of everyday life and VERY hard to get away from (heck you have to go to a screen just to access this course). Technology has us on information overload and we feel like we should have everything at our fingertips immediately.

Now, don't get me wrong, I realize the importance of technology. As an entrepreneur, I am blessed to be able to run my business from home on my schedule with just a laptop and a phone. As a mom, technology allows me to be in contact with babysitters in case of emergencies and send pictures to family far away. However, all the benefits come with just as many drawbacks.

We have to be conscious about stepping away from distractions and being still. It is in these moments that we find true growth. When was the last time you turned off everything and sat still? Still enough to listen to what you body, mind and spirit has to say?

This sounds like a lot to do right?

Well, what if I told you that it only takes a little bit of practice to make these things stick?

In fact, right about 21 days.

It is no surprise that the Mom Fog Challenge is 21 days long and hits on every single one of these subjects. So why DIY it when you could have it all done for you? Sign up today! I will be doing it alongside you on INSTAGRAM @GretchenGegg - so message me when you sign up!

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