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Journal Your Way to Health

While I love writing, REALLY love talking about things, and was even an editor for my high school newspaper, I have never ever been what you might call a "journalist." I"m tlaking about the type of person who writes about how they feel about certain situations. Someone who can sit down and get in touch with thier inner self by putting pen to paper.

This just ISN'T ME! But I know it has value. I talk to people every day who have come to LIFE-ALTERING conclusions about thier circumstances based solely on time spent journaling.

And I wanted to know more.

So I sought out Sherrie Kapala.

I know Sherrie through a mastermind group we are both a part of and I have heard her speak on her course that revolves around journaling and health quite a bit. It has always intrigues me.

I was able to find time to sit down with her and pick her brain! So, take a minute and listen to what she has to say. It actually has me excited about picking up a blank notebook and getting started!

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