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What Sets Your Soul on Fire?

Spiritual Wellness is so much more than religion.

In fact, as a Christian, I am heartened by the fact that Jesus spent much of his time on earth hanging out with religious outcasts. He was committed to forging spiritual connections and teaching us how to be closer to the Divine...and guess what? The Bible is still talking about it!

While each of our versions of the word “Spiritual” may be totally different, I think there are 4 solid things that we should find in common when taking care of this component of our Wellness Pie:

Meditation/Quiet Time AKA Distraction Detox

I try to find time each day (usually super early before anyone else is awake) to be still and LISTEN. Let my mind be open to all possibilities. Maybe it is just listening to my inner voice that is drowned out during the day by demands of snacks and pronouncements of needing to potty. Maybe it is connecting with my higher power and listening to what I am being called to do more, be more and see more of out of this life.

Ask: “Are My Beliefs Helping Me Grow?”

I have to know that my beliefs are guiding me down a path that is going to build up myself, my family and those that I choose to serve. If I thought that my mentor program was just a way to make money, I KNOW it would be a flop. Instead, though, this program is based on a belief system that wants to build up women and professionalize motherhood and has helped me encourage so many women to be the best they can be and to serve other women. The same with The MiMo Method (my online health and wellness program). When you create something out of a decision to serve on a spiritual level it can’t HELP but be a success. On a similar note...

Ask: “Do My Beliefs Teach Love?”

There is SO MUCH HATE out there in the name of religion. Let’s win one for the spiritual team and lead with love. Honestly, if you are EVER being told that you are better than someone based on anything religious or spiritual RUN from that leader as fast as you can.

Constant Personal Growth

I take many opportunities to grow deeper in my faith and connect with like-minded individuals. Sometimes this exploration brings up uncomfortable topics, but talking about them and figuring out how you really feel only makes you a more well-rounded and WELL individual. I think we are all capable of change (hello! Have you read about RAMP?) and strive to work toward change for the better DAILY!

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Until next time!

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