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Why Take the Stairs When you Can Take the R.A.M.P.?

Nothing brings on the eye rolling quite like trying to tell a person who wants to start exercising about how to incorporate lifestyle activities into their routine to burn additional calories.

“Take the stairs instead of the elevator.”

“Park further away from the entrance to the grocery store.”

“Do squats while you are watching commercials.” (I firmly believe that this is the real secret to the success of Netflix.)

It’s not that this advice is incorrect, it’s that there isn’t a person out there who hasn’t heard it! The challenge is not in the LEARNING, it is in the DOING. So, how do we make REAL, LASTING behavior changes?

It is by taking the R.A.M.P.!

Watch (really you can just listen - the camera isn’t very steady) this:

Just remember, true behavior change is the combination of:





Need help putting your R.A.M.P. into place? We go into greater detail in The MiMo Method course or you can enroll with me as your personal mentor today!

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