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BREAKING NEWS! Pie is Good for You

Don’t you wish I would have posted this around Thanksgiving?

I mean, yes there are some healthy pie recipes in my repertoire, but that isn’t what today is about. Today is all about your WELLNESS PIE!

Let me run that by you one more time.

Your WELLNESS PIE is a metaphor for your health profile. Each "pie slice" is a component of health that needs your daily attention in order to live a life of optimal wellness.

If you read The Resolution Solution. You already have some understanding of this, but let’s break it down a little bit more (and maybe on a higher level than I was able to talk about with children).

Imagine that you see a piece of pie cut into 8 slices. In order to have the best and yummiest pie possible each piece should have about the same amount of ingredients and ratio of filling to crust. This is what makes a complete pie. These are the pies of state fair dreams!

Now, what if you forgot the sugar, or flour or even something small like nutmeg? It might make for a mushy pie crust, a yucky consistency or gag-inducing catastrophe. See? No part of that recipe is just there for fun. And if we neglect even the smallest piece our whole pie is ruined.

I am not a baker, but I hope I’m making a little sense here.

Our lives are like a well-formed pie. We need to make sure each area is getting regular attention and reflected on for growth.

So what are the 8 areas?


This includes everything from diet and exercise to sleep and physical stressors (like illness and allergies). Does it seem like this is the area you constantly focus on? Does it feel a little relieving to know that you can focus on OTHER areas and still impact your physical self.


Now we are talking about the mental side of things. It’s not about NOT being emotional (because goodness knows I can be a crybaby), but, instead, it is about what we do with those emotions. Do we let them control us or do we have the tools to fight back and maintain our sanity in tough situations?


As much as we are taught to believe it, this is NOT our following on social media (thank goodness!). This is how we handle ourselves in social situations. It might be as simple as being able to maintain eye contact and shake hands when meeting someone new. Or maybe carrying on a conversation that is equal parts listening and talking. This also covers our support network. This is especially important when we are trying to make changes. Do we have the support we need?


This can look like different things for different people. For some people this looks like being debt-free or, at least, "bad" debt free. (Like, credit cards that are just being used for mundane purchases with no reward, incentive or plan to pay off.) Others use debt as a way to grow their business, but should always do so with an action plan in place to pay back with the minimum amount of interest accrued. I’m no financial wiz here so those are just a few obvious things. While we are at the obvious, do you stick to a budget??


Okay, so not everyone is going to jump for joy and say that they love their job (although some of you would and that is the life baby!), but are we jumping on opportunities to better ourselves? Are we looking into areas that we know we enjoy, figuring out what types of jobs exist, and looking into how to GET that job? This isn’t a perfect system, but start to figure out what your VISION is for your life. Is it possible? Are you taking baby steps toward that vision every day?


We have to keep that brain awake and vibrant. This is where things like Sudoku and crosswords come into play, but, if those don’t get you excited, let me give you some more ideas. Basically ANYTHING that requires us to be an active participant (reading, building things, rearranging furniture, organizing the hall closet, playing blocks with our 2 year old) stimulates our brain. There are so many things out there that do this, but please notice that watching a TV program or most screen time doesn’t count. And that thought is good for people of all ages.


How we do anything is how we do everything. I love that saying and I repeat it to myself multiple times a day. We need to treat our home, neighborhood, community, town, state, country, and planet in a way that is reflective of how we want to live. I would imagine most of us would want to live in a clean, organized home in a pollution-free environment. Wishing and hoping is one thing, but waking up everyday and making your bed, sweeping the floor and recycling or reusing is another. Take action.


I saved the most confusing for last. Spirituality is linked with religion in a lot of people’s minds and, y’all, religion can be confusing and segregating. I mean even Jesus didn’t do a lot of hanging out with religious people! So let’s sum up spirituality as something bigger… connection. Connection with self, with others and with a higher power. Maybe this looks like daily prayer, maybe it looks like journaling, maybe it looks like reading religious texts, maybe it looks like meditating (don’t know how? I can show you!).... No matter what it looks like, it is important to have some quiet time to ourselves daily.

Before you think you know it all….. Let’s talk about….


Something has to hold this all together right? Metaphorically, that THING is your mind. Mindset is everything!

So, if you don’t have time to focus on all those things above, focus on your mindset every day.

Wondering how your wellness pie shapes up?

Take a moment to print or save the picture in the worksheet below, take a picture of your results and share with the hashtag #WellnessPie

(By the way! You just completed STEP 1 the The MiMo Method )

Bonus!! Wait a few months, really work on the lacking areas, and redo it. I would LOVE to see this kind of before and after take over Instagram!



a printable image of the wellness pie

Directions: For each statement that you deem 100% true, color in 1 quarter of the corresponding piece of “pie.”


  1. Movement is easy and comfortable for me. I make an effort to include lifestyle physical activity (such as parking far away, taking stairs versus elevator…)

  2. I am not suffering from any hypokinetic diseases (diseases linked to a sedentary lifestyle such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease or disease of the veins and arteries) and participate in preventative health care like medical and dental check ups.

  3. I make an effort to cook real, fresh food for myself and my family. I don’t eat out very often.

  4. I get an average of 8 hours of sleep every night and sleep easily without much waking up.


  1. I sit with my feelings and do my best to work through them (prayer, journal, meditation) before diving into a behavior like emotional eating/drinking.

  2. I consciously decide to think positive thoughts and say positive things. If I catch myself drifting into a negative mindset, I flip my perspective.

  3. I know when and how to ask for help and have a trusted network I can rely on when things are overwhelming.

  4. I think about the other person’s thought and feelings before responding when I’m upset or in an argument.


  1. When I told my friends and family I was participating in a program focused on my personal wellness they only had encouraging and positive things to say.

  2. I am perfectly okay attending/hosting a social gathering without a focus on food or drink.

  3. I am happy and secure at home. My family lifts me up and there is little to no fighting (different than arguing).

  4. Social Media is used for positive interactions and connections to better myself.


  1. I have quiet time each day in meditation or prayer.

  2. I can rely on/verbalize my beliefs, values and ethics when put in a challenging situation.

  3. I continuously explore my spirituality (Bible studies, spiritual or religious groups, meetings with like-minded individuals).

  4. My beliefs encourage me to treat all people as I would myself no matter whether or not their beliefs line up with mine. I follow that command in all situations.


  1. I am able to provide for my needs.

  2. When I am working, I am comfortable (if not happy) and have good relationships with my co-workers.

  3. I feel as if my work makes a difference in the world.

  4. There is always room to improve at my job (promotion, continuing education, …)


  1. I don’t charge something without an immediate plan to repay the debt.

  2. I have a budget and I follow it. This includes planning meals and following grocery lists.

  3. I am not known to impulse buy or buy things driven by emotions.

  4. I am accruing money in some type of savings plan.


  1. I have a personal development routine.

  2. I actively seek out knowledge and engage in learning new things.

  3. I have hobbies or am a member of clubs revolved around a hobby.

  4. I teach/mentor/train others (formally or informally).


  1. I have a clean and organized home and a plan to keep it that way.

  2. I take ownership and pride in my physical surroundings. Even if I am not in my “dream home,” I am committed to taking care of what is mine.

  3. I consider the impact on the environment when shopping versus convenience and comfort. For example: I buy seasonal fruits and veggies, I shop locally (like Farmer’s markets) as much as possible, I look for items that have little to no plastic packaging, I buy things that can be re-used or recycled when I am done with them.

  4. I take part in public policy to affect change for the good of the environment.

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