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How to DO Social.

This is a very timely blog post.

If you are connected with me on social media (especially Instagram) or are signed up to receive my emails, you know all about what I’ve been up to with my BRAND NEW social media webinar for entrepreneurs. I’m teaching people (especially women like me - work from home moms) how to be present for their families and friends, untether from their phones, but still make fact, make MORE sales! So, yes, I’m pretty passionate about social.

Notice, I didn’t say social media. And, while I work my social media accounts to engage and connect, I have a pretty strict method I follow to make sure it doesn’t become something that is pulling me away from those that I care most about.

If you want to learn more about it click here. I even share a pretty hilarious story involving the pitfalls of being TOO untethered from your phone.

So what do I mean by “DO Social”?

I mean connect with people for real!

Ask yourself, what should I DO to have positive social interactions that are going to impact my overall wellness?

A little background first...

When we discuss the impact of our social interactions on wellness in The MiMo Method, we first consider WHO we are around the most.

Take a minute to consider the Top 5 people that you choose to spend most of your time with. Think outside of your immediate family, think about your friends or co-workers. What are these people like? Are they people that challenge you to be better? Are they people that remain in that neutral zone without any changes for years and years? Are they people that talk negatively of things and other people and encourage you to do the same?

Time for some harsh reality. If your Top 5 do not constantly challenge you to be better, you need to seek out a new Top 5 that does. There is plenty of anecdotal and researched evidence that shows we will ALWAYS end up like the people we hang around the most. So, start hanging out with people you want to be like.

I know that you are thinking.

“What now? Do I just blow off all of my friends and be lonely?”

Ummm...not at ALL Drama Llama.

What I mean is consider WHEN and HOW you are hanging around these people first. Do they go to happy hour once a week and you are trying to eat and drink in a way that makes your body healthy? Decline next time you are invited. When they start gossiping about someone, walk away. Then, be proactive, invite them all over for a “build your own salad” dinner and a movie. Start saying something awesome about a mutual friend every time you hang out with them.

Then, be proactive, decide on your TOP 5 of all time! Go big! Make a list of people you want to be like. People who have a life or business or marriage or family that you would like to emulate. Then, start hanging out with them.

Yeah, you aren’t necessarily going to get Rachel Brathen to come over and hang out for the afternoon (side note: if you are BFFs with her and you ARE hanging out for the afternoon you should probably call me kthanksbye), but you can start listening to her podcast and learning more about her mindset. Same for Chalene Johnson, Rachel Hollis, Hannah Keeley, Nicole Walters...okay now you have my Top 5 - haha - feel free to google them!

So, keep doing social right and keep surrounding yourself with people who are going to lift you up.

Want to know a few other things that are important to your Social Wellness? Check out my video below:

Want to end the struggle and transform your mind, body and spirit for good?

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Until next time,

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