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9 People You Need to Know if You are into Healthy Living

When I first decided to start my own business I hired a coach. This coach taught me to plug into even more people to get a full understanding of what it was going to take for me to reach full potential as a health entrepeneur.

Now that I am coaching others and run my elite program The MiMo Method, I wanted to do the same. So I sought out 9 people who I knew could bring extra value and expertise to the MiMo Method. I interviewed each of them and make this available to all of my clients. (You can read more about becoming a client of mine here

Now, let's dive are your TOP 9 (in no particular order).

Melissa is a licensed and registered dietician and full of helpful information about shopping for healthy foods and creating a meal plan. She talks all things nutrition and supplments.

Samantha started her career as a high-end personal trainer and now promotes total body wellness and healthy habits through her platform "Active & Attractive." We had a great conversation about finding yourself through fitness and finding workouts that work for you.

As far as fitness goes, what doesn't Lauren do? She is master trainer and has created certifications, owned studios and is currently rocking the virtual fitness game. Through her rise in success she has had 2 children and done 4 cross-country moves. She helps us learn how to take time for our own health.

Gracy is a self-care expert! She shares her story about how she learned the importance of self-care as well as tons of tips on the why, how and what of self-care. I learned so much!

Becky is a group exercise instructor, personal trainer, teacher and traveler! She has taken her talents around the world and is the expert on combating "vacation mode" that results in getting out of shape.

As a lactation consultant, Brittney brings a unique expertise to the realm of fitness and motherhood. She talks about how to get back in shape after pregnancy and the challenges that come your way through feeding (breast & bottle), hormones and lifestyle changes.

Joanna was one of my first MiMo Method clients. She had taken a huge leap in deciding to lose a lot of weight. Her mindset had shifted and she was ready. But there was no fitness she could do to help her lose the weight. Learn what she did to lose over 200 lbs and counting!

I first heard Katie's story by meeting her through a shared love of skincare. She is the top of the top in a direct sales market and continued to find success even when enduring heartache like no other. Learn what she did to succeed and how you can apply it to your life.

Sarah is a highly experienced Pilates and Dance instructor who has helped many moms (including herself) combat postnatal problems like separation of the abdomen, incontinenance and low back pain. If any of these apply to you them she has what you need to overcome it.

So there you have it, these are your TOP 9. The best part is that you get each of these interviews for FREE as a BONUS in The MiMo Method. Find out more by clicking the icon below....

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