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Happy Anniversary to MOM BOD MASTERCLASS!

I can't believe it's already been TWO WHOLE YEARS since I created this transformative experience for "mom bods" everywhere. I was 3 months postpartum (after my second child), I was struggling with muscle function, and I was living with the constant fear that I'd wet my pants if I laughed, bent over, or even sneezed. Actually, I had been convinced that the relationship between sneezing and peeing my pants was now a marriage and I'd be living with the happy couple for the rest of my life. But that was weird and my house was already full of babies, dogs, and my own relationship that I didn't have time to maintain one where I was going to need even more clothing.

So I created a program for myself that worked SO WELL. This chance to use my expertise to reconnect and care for my own changing body was refreshing, amazing, and irreplaceable. And you know what? I could NOT keep this to myself. Enter the Mom Bod Masterclass.

Moms, you get it. I don't have to tell you that your core function has been disrupted. But this class is for EVERYONE - moms of moms, those healing after abdominal surgery (cesarean births, hysterectomies, etc.), even people healing from back injuries/trauma that has changed the way you hold yourself and navigate the world. Your core muscle function has been disrupted, too, and you can recover with me as your guide!

WE DESERVE BETTER than to assume we are destined to live in fear of peeing our pants! We have glorified the "dad bod"... now it's time for the MOM BOD to shine! And guess what? YOU ARE ALREADY SHOWING UP IN A GORGEOUS BODY, MAMA!

So ROCK THAT MOM BOD with me today in the Mom Bod Masterclass!

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