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I could probably do a better job of writing this post if I was talking about what happened to me on an (almost) weekly basis throughout high school, but I have other things on my mind today.

There is a lot of space open for thinking right now. For digging deep and realizing who we really are and what we can change and what we can't. There is space for learning how we deal with all kinds of tragedies. There is space for witnessing an uprising and allowing that to be part of our story...or not. There is space for witnessing a pandemic and allowing that to dictate our life...or not. There is just a LOT OF SPACE. And, like I'm sure every astronaut who every did a space walk can tell can be scary and full of the unknown.

I know my audience, though, and I know you guys are diving into the unkown and speaking up for the persecuted. I don't know your personal story, but I DO KNOW that you aren't going to lie down and let this run you over. But, activism and speaking out can take a toll.

You have to step away for a moment and ground yourself.

What does it mean to "ground yourself"?

It means to be solid and sure of yourself, to be comfortable with your decisions and have the confidence to work toward your dreams.

So....are you grounded?

If not, I highly suggest practicing some physical movement that makes you feel good and allows you to shut off some of the mental processing. Here is what I did today...

Want to join me? Here is a list of some of my favorite yoga poses to help me ground myself in my body and step outside of overwhelm.

- Forward Bend

- Lizard Pose

- Down Dog

- Crow

- Half Moon,

- Warrior 1

- Camel

- Twisted Lunge

Side note: I chose to practice by water because the sound of water has always been soul-soothing.

Looking for more pracitce ideas? Check out my on-demand videos...

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