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What It REALLY Takes! (The R.A.M.P. Method)

Tired of TikTok hacks and internet schemes telling you how to get your "habits" together? This summer we are working on 100 days of movement to incorporate massive change in our lifestyles. Taken from a variety of methods that both worked and didn't work for myself and my clients, I designed a method for incorporating lasting change! The R.A.M.P. Method has been used again and again by individuals and groups I've coached and I know, for sure, that it works!

R - Routines

We are creating a routine based on a tiny habit of moving every day. That's our total goal, and we will be spending 100 days doing it!

A - Affirmations

Talking about yourself out loud and in your head about the fact that you are a person who moves. This piece is so integral to developing this habit! Moving is what you do. Try these for a week: "I am a person who moves every day" or "I enjoy moving my body every day!"

M - Motivation

What is waiting for you at the end of these 100 days? Make it something that will support your vision. Maybe it's a backpacking trip or an international adventure. Maybe it's your 40th roller skating birthday party. Go big, and tie it in!

P - Plan

Look for ways to plan your day to encourage movement. If it's errand day, park at the back of the lot or walk instead of drive from shop to shop. Take the stairs at work. You've got this!

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