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What can a pandemic make possible?

Have you asked yourself that powerful question? It can seem selfish and unfounded and like you are the ONLY ONE looking for a silver lining, but it is NECESSARY!

I have found myself wanting to curl up on the couch and binge watch my days away many times during this time of quarantine/shelter-in-place/#stayhome. BUT (and there is always a but but) I knew that it would only make things scarier and allow fear to take hold of my heart. Plus, there is the fact that Doc McStuffins would be the only thing I could binge watch with a 3 year old and 4 month old, but i digress...

So I did it, I asked myself this question:

What has Covid-19 made possible for me and my family?

And here is what I came up with:

- My husband was furloughed so he has more time at home and that has allowed me to have a multiple full workdays.

- The news came to my house and featured The MiMo Method facebook group (you can find it here) because I was the first person in our area to offer virtual workouts. We grew by 200 in one day!

- I have more people than ever interested in on-demand, no frills, DIY workouts and it allowed me to open a very low cost subscription service. (you can find that here) By the way - are you on the list to get 10 free workouts sent to your inbox to finish out April? It's going to be epic. I mean, if these celebrities can show up in their living rooms and rock it out to keep us all sane, I can do my part.

- I had the time to dig deep into my business and to appear on podcasts like "Word of Mom Radio" and "The Unhurried Life" (episode to be released soon).

- I made THIS hilarious video.

- We have had extra time together to do the stuff we always planned like create studio lighting in the garage (yahoo!), plant a garden, and just watch the babies grow into pretty incredible little ones.

So...I turn the tables and ask you!

What has Covid-19 made possible for you?

Dig deep and look for the silver lining.

Before I go, I want you to know that I am here to help.

You can book a free consultation with me anytime here or you can sign up for 6 weeks of small group lifecoaching at a super reduced price here.

We can get through this, TOGETHER!

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