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The Benefits of Drinking Vinegar

If you missed this month's lunch and learn, you missed a wonderful conversation about little things that we can do to make big changes. I do have one particular bit of information that must go out ASAP, though, and it might seem a little weird... but here goes:


Let me start with this: I have been drinking vinegar off and on for most of my life. My mother always had us start the day with a shot of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar (if you know you know), and as an adult I have reincorporated lots of Apple Cider Vinegar into my lifestyle. And before you click away from this page, I need to tell you that I do not feel like it's a "cure all" kind of drink. It's vinegar... apples fermented into a tart, liquid condiment. AND there are other vinegars out there that can have the same benefits.

So... what are these benefits? Well, research has shown that consuming vinegar can help reduce post-meal blood sugar spikes. The idea is that the acetic acid in your meal will slow down the processing of carbohydrates by slowing down the rate at which your stomach empties into the colon. There is also research that supports vinegar can act on the body's cells to reduce carbohydrate uptake and improve the function of beta cells, which means that your whole body will say "no thanks," circulating less glucose in the blood stream. AND there's EVEN MORE RESEARCH that supports vinegar interfering in the breakdown of carbs in the small intestine, meaning you absorb less as you digest.

Consider this when you make your next salad (add a little vinegar in there), have a pre-dinner aperitif (dilute a little vinegar and down it before the meal), or invite folks over for brats on the grill (sauerkraut, anyone?).

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