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Real Life Update: STILL SLASHY.

A year and a half ago, I wrote this post on the verge of my eldest daughter's second birthday. Now she's a strong, energetic, 3 year old and I'm winding up to a first birthday with my second daughter. So... What's changed?

Everything and nothing.

My typical day was easy to track when I just had the one kiddo, even when it was chaotic. If you asked me for a similar play-by-play today, I would write something like:

Morning: Woke up along with several other beings in my household. Was joined by a cat. We had breakfast, which was a very colorful and kind of wild occasion. Cleaned the mess while the girls made another one. We played outside and laughed and ran around. They were able to entertain themselves so I got my hustle on and was able to not only talk to my assistant, but we came up with a launch plan for my Next Big Thing.

Midday: Had lunch, realized that I didn't smell bad despite not showering (WIN!), and we debated the finer points of whether to eat cheese first or blueberries first. Harriet and Alice are perhaps inventing their own language, because I'm pretty sure they laughed at me at the table. I'll allow it.

Afternoon: For the first time in a week, both of the girls are in chill mode at the same time. Alice is watching ride throughs of DisneyWorld rides on YouTube and Harriet is asleep... I am blogging and hydrating.

Evening: After a family meal, I teach some live yoga classes while my husband gets the girls ready for bed. I give them sweaty kisses (well, I'm sweaty, they smell like fresh, clean angels), and go shower while the dad shift tucks them in.

Night: I run over my list while Harriet nurses. I watch a few videos. I talk to my husband. I think of everything we accomplished today and sigh. I am full and fulfilled. This life really is what I wanted it to be... and so much more.

All those moons ago, I said I was "slashy" and I stand by that... sort of. Back then, I said I was:

Mom/Fitness Instructor/Health Coach/Wife/Digital Entrepenur/Mama Mentor/Skincare Consultant/Instagram Coach/Blogger/Supplement Representative/Student

and we could add:

Life Coach/Group Coach/Booty Wiper/Pirate/Bicycle Repairer/Dollie Doctor/Blogger/Yogi/etc. etc. etc...

And even though all of that is true, even though all those things are a part of me, I have found that my slashes only matter to me. I change my hat 40 times a day, and that is okay. I sum all of that up in the way I show up. I am your favorite Body Positive Fitness Coach and Mama.

All the slashes? They're just a proud part of my job.

Get slashy with me.

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