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Life Hack: 12 Meals in UNDER 30 MINUTES!

Updated: May 3, 2021

Are you ready for a breakfast reboot, upgrade, and super easy hack? Well here it is! Inspired by my very own teaching in The MiMo Method, I wanted a healthier solution to the breakfast grab-and-go conundrum. My husband works outside the home, I work inside the home, and we have two amazing toddlers (to be fair, my eldest is a Preschooler as of February... no I'm still not ready even though it's happening). Quick breakfasts are ideal for all of us. No more drive-thru, high-preservative, less-than-healthy breakfasts for my husband! Exciting hand-friendly breakfasts for my girls! Perfectly balanced, quick breakfasts for me! Not to mention that the more we do this at home, the more waste we save from the landfill.

Before we get into the video, I want to invite you to apply for the next round of The MiMo Method - a group wellness and fitness program that helps us ALL ditch the diet and exercise hamster wheel. This program is life-changing. Don't miss out!

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