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Ins & Outs of Postpartum Fitness with Sarah Kitterman

You know, every now and then, when I hear the Christmas story, I wonder who provided postpartum care for Mary. (You know you've wondered, too!) One of my favorite mental images is Mary chasing toddler Jesus around the carpentry workshop after he snagged a chisel, or Mary finally getting a short nap after going to the temple with Jesus, but suddenly waking up and realizing that the gate isn't locked and he's on his way back to teach them more about his Father.

The song "Mary, Did You Know?" is hauntingly beautiful, but I wonder... did Mary know how to recover from the diastasis recti that comes with carrying a child? Did Mary know about the physical changes that come with childbirth, breastfeeding, and raising that precious baby? Maybe I need to write another verse, because Sarah Kitterman and I cover all those things. Did Mary know? Maybe... but make sure YOU know by checking out the video below!

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