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Holiday Food Update: Christmas Morning Casserole!

This is a dish my mother has made every single Christmas morning since I was a kid. It's decadent and delightful. It always smelled so amazing when it was cooking and tasted even better. I've updated this recipe to a full-on vegan dish. I love plant-based foods and how they make me feel, and I also love decreasing my carbon impact by using locally sourced foods. I recommend some options below... but the one I absolutely insist on is "JUST Egg." If you're looking for that eggy flavor without the eggs, this is the way to go.

Without further ado, here is our recipe!


  • 6 large slices bread, cubed (check this article and list to choose the right bread for your diet:

  • 1 lb Vegan breakfast sausage, or Impossible crumbles with your favorite breakfast sausage spices (try sage, paprika, black pepper, or even a touch of maple syrup)

  • 3 cups shredded cheddar-style Daiya cheese

  • 1 lb. Spinach, cooked and dried (the dryer the better!)

  • 16 oz. JUST Egg

  • 2 cups full cream/fat coconut milk - you do not taste the coconut (I jut use the Kroger brand)

  • 1 tsp dry mustard

  • 1 tsp salt

  • Pepper, paprika, and other herbs to taste


  1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.

  2. Spread the bread evenly into the bottom of a greased 9×13 inch baking dish.

  3. Sprinkle the sausage, spinach, and 2 cups of the Daiya evenly over the bread.

  4. In a large measuring cup, combine the JUST egg, milk, dry mustard, salt, your chosen herbs, and pepper.

  5. Pour the "egg mixture" evenly over the ingredients in the pan.

  6. Bake for 45-55 minutes, or until almost set. To check it, use a fork or knife to stick in the middle and see how soft it still is.

  7. When the casserole has almost set, sprinkle the remaining Daiya over the top and continue to bake until the cheese is "flimsy." It doesn't spread when it melts, so if you are less experienced with plant-based cheese substitutes, you may want to try spreading it a little bit to see if it is done.

  8. Remove from oven when done and serve warm.

Feel free to add veggies like sun-dried tomatoes, onions, shallots, or cooked bell pepper. You can also add a variety of cheeses, especially the Myokos brand soft cheeses, to broaden the taste profile. The trick is to introduce as little water as possible to allow the JUST Egg and coconut milk to solidify.

Match your healthy eating with an active advent to make this season your best holiday ever! And you're in luck because there is still time to get into the Active Advent Challenge:

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