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Top 10 Products on The Kept Me Eating Healthy in 2018

I have really been wanting to do a Top 10 list for a while. I absolutely love sharing great information and this is probably some of the best I’ve shared in a LONG time!

If you are anything like almost everyone these days (but especially us work-from-home peeps) you have shopped on Amazon. In 2018 I shopped on Amazon a LOT.

I had a small child running around and a full time job away from home and you can bet I did as much shopping on Amazon as I could. This includes what grocery shopping I could. There is really no way to get a better price.

Now, to make this even CRAZIER I worked on The MiMo™ Method (learn more about that in this post ) throughout the entire year of 2018 and collaborated with a group to write a recipe book that had me looking for grain-free, vegan, low carb and whole foods ALL. THE. TIME. Foods that my little Texas town just hasn’t bought into yet. Jackfruit as barbecue?? I didn’t want to walk into the local grocery for fear of murder on the spot…. You don’t mess with Texas barbecue. (Even though I totally did!) So, yeah, I found some cool and healthy stuff that I want to share with you!

And before you ask, NO this post isn’t sponsored. I just love these 10 products THAT MUCH!!!

Watch this video and see why these products make my heart sing.

Here are all the links you need to make your cooking and eating as healthy and easy as possible!!


Meal helpers

Kitchen Help

Intermittent Fasting

Is there any kitchen product or meal helper that you CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT??

How does it keep you focused on healthy eating for you and your family??

Let me know!

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