When should I consider getting a life coach?

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I'll be totally honest and say that life coaching was something that used to seem totally made up to me. A life coach? For real? Like someone telling me how to live my life? Are they going to follow me around judging my every move? WIll they order my food at a restaurant? Are they going to show up and drag me out of bed in the morning?

Are they going to shadow my entire day?

I literally did NOT understand what the point of life coaching was. Then, I hired a life coach. Yes, you can LOL now!

Here's the deal, I was confusing a life coach with a life consultant. A consultant is a person who will tell you EXACTLY what do. Never heard of a life consultant? There is a reason why! Can you imagine the scenario I laid out at the beginning of this post? That would be ridiculous!

When I decided to start my own business while navigating work from home and raising my children I knew I needed some help with my inner self. You know, that part that will keep you paralyzed wondering what to do and how to do it. I needed someone to help me navigate my thoughts and continue to move forward in business, life and relationships.

If I hadn't hired a life coach, I would NEVER be in the position I am today! My business and life are truly thriving! And...I am so excited to tell you that I am currently in the clinical phase of completing my life coach certification!

This means that you stumbled on this blog post at the perfect time! For the next few months I will be doing consultations and coaching sessions for a reduced cost to complete my hours needed for full certification.

So, how do you know if life coaching is for you? Life coaching is for anyone needing to...

Get Clarity & Purpose

Finally Achieve Health & Fitness Goals

Achieve a Major Life Goal

Become a More Effective Leader

Find Joy in Their Family & Home

See Business Growth

Prepare for a Big Life Change

Learn How to Master Their Time & Schedule

So, get in while the getting is good and get ready to do the work to see your life level up!


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