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The Real Reason You Can't Get Up Early in the Morning

Ready for an unpopular methodology??

First, I specialize in working with clients who have tried everything to get healthy and are STUCK!! These people have super clear goals, dreams and vision. Usually revolves around pain free living, setting examples for kids, playing with grandchildren, feeling confident or just finally taking control of their physical health. BUT they just can’t seem to DO it.

A common thing they CAN’T DO is get up early in the morning. And there are lots of reasons:

  • too tired

  • not enough sleep

  • too busy

  • not a “morning person”

I mean you don’t HAVE to get up, but if you think it would help you achieve a goal then why don’t you just do it???

Want the truth???

It isn’t about your reason for not doing it or even your strong reason FOR doing it. It boils down to pain.

We are primed, as humans, to primarily avoid pain (even before seeking pleasure - it’s true)!! And we also work best in present so we aren’t accounting for future pain.

So get a really clear picture of how much pain you will be in (physically, emotionally, financially, mentally) if you NEVER achieve your goal. Next time you can’t get up remind yourself that this temporary pain is to avoid the suffering of not ever achieving your goal.

What do you think??? Would you work with a coach that is this harsh?? Click on the image below to watch the video... it may surprise you!

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