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The Perfect FAMILY Workouts for a STAY-AT-HOME SNOW DAY!

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Ah, the snow day. Does anyone else have some less-than-fond memories of growing up in the American South and wrapping yourself in garbage bags to survive a 15 minute sledding session that stripped the entire hill of snow and left you muddy and tired? No? Just me?

Well, I certainly do not begrudge my children their chance to play in the snow, but let's get realistic. We are in Texas. My girls go outside, marvel, play a little, then come in for cocoa and some highly rambunctious play. They are not acclimated to this cold (and neither am I), so it can be dangerous to have them out in the snow, no matter how bundled they are. And we all KNOW today is not the best day to get a run in - roads are frozen and dangerous. There's also still a pandemic on, kids are home from school and daycare, and a lot of us do not have electricity. The "cabin fever" hits at about 7:00am these days.

BUT! Now is the perfect time to dust off those 90 Days of PE booklets you printed in August and, since I know you're reading this on your phone, pop over to Instagram to choose an indoor workout you can do with the whole family. Here's the popcorn bowl exercise to get you started:

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