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Benefits of Tech Free Planning

While digital organization has its place, paper planners are here to stay! They allow us to take a pause from the constant distractions life brings. Phones, computers, virtual meetings, notification alerts, ….it can be TOO MUCH!

Pressed for time? Listen to this topic on The Life Coach Lifeline Podcast.

Have you noticed? With all this technology and planning help there is still a vital and thriving non-digital planner market out there.

The planner industry shows about $350 million in sales annually. In the past decade, as online communities have grown we’ve seen things like 5.5 million mentions for #planneraddict and 4 million mentions for #plannercommunity. Non-digital planning is more than just a tool it is a lifestyle for many people out there!

While we still are huge fans of using iCal and Google calendar for sharing schedules and getting alerts, writing tasks down on paper help it stick in the brain. Not to mention, crossing out a long list of to-dos really helps you feel accomplished!

Personally, I use a variety of planning options, but it is my disc-bound planner that sits in a prominent place on my desk reminding me what is in store for my life that day. And not just to-dos. I use this planner to map out my entire wellness profile! Everything from physical health goals like working out to relationship goals like spending every Saturday “off” with just my family.

And I really enjoy the moment I spend either daily or weekly (depending on the time of year) just plugging in to my life and my priorities, vision and goals for myself!

Paper planning allows me to take a pause from phones, alerts, emails and virtual meetings. It makes me feel motivated, intentional with my choices and the quiet time helps me focus during a time when my attention isn’t being demanded or I’m being tempted to move out of my calendar app to get lost in a social media spiral for who-knows-how-long. I can really zero in on the things that are important to me.

“It is a little pat on the back that you did something you set out to do which sets you up with a positive mindset to move forward and achieve the next thing on your list. We all need to feel a sense of accomplishment.” - Kristina Kardous, founder of Plum Paper

On a cognitive level, we have to acknowledge that, no matter how opposed we are to paper planning, writing something down helps us process information. It has been shown that we are more likely to commit to these plans and even follow through on them.

I don’t know about you, but this would be enough to convince me to give it a try!

So which planner should you choose???

There are planners for to-do list makers which focus on task completion.

There are planners that encourage chronological scheduling of even the most mundane task to make sure you have enough time in the day for what you really want to do.

There are planners exclusively focused on physical health with little check marks for water, working out and eating nutritious foods.

There are planners for mental health cheering you on and inspiring journal-like reflection every day.

BUT…wouldn’t it be great if there was a planner that did it all??

You are in luck. I have created the PERFECT 28-day planner to start you down the road to paper planning with success. It has a little bit of everything!

The BEST NEWS, though, is that if you get the planner now at you will get on the list to start the 28-day “Plan to Succeed” challenge on November 1st. You will get motivational and explanatory emails that will get you in the place to push through the end of the year with success in all areas of your life.

I can’t wait for you to join me!

This week’s LIFE WORK:

Download your planner then check your email. (Might want to add to your contacts)

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