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7 Secret Ways that Regular Exercise Can Keep You Well and Strong

Okay, okay okay....anyone who knows me knows that I promote regular exercise, but doesn't it seem like there are more pressing matters right now? Like, I don't know, STAYING ALIVE AND NOT CATCHING COVID?!?!?! Well, I have 7 reasons that you should be working out now more than ever! Keep reading.

  1. Raising your heart rate keeps your heart and lungs strong! You know that old adage about "if you don't use it, you lose it?" That is almost always true about muscles and anatomical systems, and your heart and lungs are vital muscles and systems that you do not want to atrophy.

  2. People who exercise regularly report fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression. Dozens of studies have proven that regular exercise can amplify the effects of medication (and in some cases work just as well as medication) on these symptoms and, for many, these effects can last from a few hours to a few days. Regular schedules and routine exercise may even significantly reduce these symptoms over time.

  3. Most common causes of death are preventable with some lifestyle changes. 29% of all deaths are attributed to heart disease and stroke with even more related to chronic, preventable diseases. The CDC has identified the most common risk factors are directly correlated to a sedentary lifestyle and a poor diet. ( If this one has you worried, maybe it's time to make those changes and make them last by checking out The MiMo Method!

  4. Your mood and your sleep patterns will thank you. Yep. If there is anything I learned while working in a kinesiology department, it was that even with all the stress of school and work, the students who exercised regularly (and came to class) slept better and were able to regulate their moods with optimism.

  5. Weight-bearing exercise improves bone density. That's right! Ease your mind as you age - that bone density that we naturally lose over time can be reduced and improved with a simple yoga practice. (Hint: you can access tons of yoga and flow workouts right here!)

  6. Want more energy? Workout! Spend a little to earn a lot. A short walk can sometimes be better for your energy levels than a nap - give it a try the next time you get the afternoon slump.

  7. White blood cell count increases when you exercise regularly! Right now so many people are thinking of ways they can fight infection and disease. Providing your blood with vital oxygen and moving it around your body with exercise makes it work more efficiently and boost those white blood cell counts!

Feel inspired but still locked out of the gym (or just not willing to spend the money)? I've got you covered! Subscribe to On-Demand Workouts to access a huge volume of workouts and expertise that fit every ability for only $12/month.

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