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One-Minute Meal Planning

Okay first, you may have noticed that my blog has been updated to the new format that Wix offers. No? Well, then I feel a bit silly letting the cat out of the bag. However, I still want to bring this to your attention because it may cause some problems trying to find old posts. So, if you are looking for anything that you cannot find email me ASAP and I will get on it. Just shoot a message over to

Alright! On with the blog...

I realize I have made a big bold claim in my title to this blog, but it is a REAL thing! It is not how I always to meal planning, but it is my go-to method when life gets B-U-S-Y (I hate that word, but sometimes it is the truth).

So, I thought I would share my method for one-minute meal planning right now because it is BACK TO SCHOOL! No really, my mom friends have been posting on IG all week about back to school. Can you even believe it??

Watch below and see how you can meal plan for a week in about a minute!

What do you think? Think this is something that you can implement this week?

Now, I have to tell you about something AWESOME coming your way in September.

I am hosting a BUCK-A-MEAL BOOTCAMP for my entire Mom Mastery University (MMU) mentor group throughout September & October. It is an 8 week challenge that will teach you how to save up to $500 off of your grocery bill. Yes, you read that right. My dear friend, mom of three, Texas and fellow MMU mentor Jen Bradley went through this Bootcamp and saves an average of $500 a month on groceries! Who couldn't use a little bit more money in their pocket??

If you are interested in being a part of this challenge make sure you are on my mailing list at so that you will be the FIRST to know when registration opens up for the fall!

Haven't heard of MMU? It is a faith-based coaching program for moms that has seriously changed my life, helped me pull myself out of postpartum depression and given me the courage and ability to quit my full-time job to be a work-from-home mom with my baby (soon to be babies). Check it out at

Until next time,

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