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How I Stayed Active on Summer Road Trips

Everyone is posting back to school pictures this week! What is that all about??! I feel like it still in the middle of summer!! But, your kids look cute and, if you are a work-from-home mom like me, I'm sure you are a-ok with an early start. (I mean is it early or did the summer just go too fast?)

I always remember going back to school and having to talk about or write about what I did over the summer. My essays were always fully entertaining, but embellished a little. The truth, that I went to the pool daily (sometimes twice) and yelled "mama watch me" until I was hoarse, just felt a little mundane. Even for a 2nd grader.

Now that I'm an adult I'm happy to report that I am still telling stories of what I did over the summer. To you. On a blog. As much as things change they stay the same!

This summer we found ourselves making a couple trips. Most were via air travel, but one was a true-blue, all-American, FAMILY ROAD TRIP!

I'm talking 11+ hours on the road with a car full! We packed my Toyota Highlander (i'm desparate to avoid the mini-van yall) with a kid, 2 dogs, 2 adults, and plenty of snacks! We hit the road driving from College Station, TX to Ste. Genevieve, MO in one day! (We almost ALWAYS make this a 2 day journey and did so on the way back - one day is NOT recommended.)

One of the reasons we LOVE making this trip on the road is because we stay pretty active in Missouri hiking around my husband's family farm and like taking the dogs along for the ride. (Not to mention the freedom having your own car gives you at your in-laws!) Now, while we do this to be MORE active, I hate all the sitting involved in road trips and have to create little contests for myself to stay as active as possible when I know I am going to be on the road all day. In case you missed it I shared how I stay active on road trips on IGTV and YouTube right here.

I hope you also had a chance to go somewhere special over the summer and will maybe consider implementing my activity strategies on your next road trip!

If you need some help getting active for the school year I am hosting a back to school special in my online, 4-week (with lifetime access and I teach you how to create your own schedule after the 4-week calendar is up) workout program. This workout program is great for anyone. Beginners, prenatal/postpartum, people looking for cross-training, ANYONE!!

Join here to get $10 off through the end of August 2019 if prompted enter code "BACK2SCHOOL"

So, I hope your back to school routine gets settled soon. In the meantime, me and my girl are going to enjoy the less crowded city pool and splash pads!

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