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This is why you will never lose weight!

Long post alert...

So, I had this whole live video going and it was awesome. Really awesome! Then my three months old totally lost her _____ (fill in with your word of choice for 💩).

Here’s the deal. You’ve tried everything out there to lose weight or get healthy but you are still stuck at square 1 right?

Or, maybe you are less healthy than ever.

I mean really, where are my people who have been on a “diet” for most of their life and are still disgusted with themselves every time they get dressed in the morning.

Who has sat in their closet crying trying to put on clothes because nothing buttons, everything squeezes in the wrong place and they feel like total ________ (again, insert your favorite word for 💩).

The problem is you keep investing (or worse - trying for free) in programs that focus on taking action physically. Eat this. Do this. Mark it on your calendar.

I don’t need to tell you, but THAT doesn’t WORK!!

Here’s what works...


And if you have ever been an athlete you understand. And now the mental health industry is starting to catch on.

Think about it (or maybe just scroll through your feed).

Health Coaching

Business Coaching

Weight Loss Coaching

Finance Coaching

Life Coaching

And they all have one thing in common.

They work to TRANSFORM your current state into the most successful version of yourself.

And guess what?? They don’t do it by giving you a list of what to do and a calendar of when to do it.

Any coach worth your time will take these 3 steps:

1) dive deep into where you are RIGHT NOW - how you got there. What contributed to any unhappiness. What your strengths are. What you love and hate about your current predicament.

2) help you create a VISION for the future. Not set goals. Goals are so 2019 🤣

3) support you in the creation of ROUTINES, STRATEGIES, AFFIRMATIONS and more...give you tools to obtain exactly what YOU want (not just a cookie cutter version that works for most people)

THEN (and only then) they will encourage you to take ACTION!

If you don’t work as hard on your MIND as you do your BODY then you will never see results.

Sorry not sorry!

So...let me help you!!

Fix your ponytail and TRY AGAIN, but this time let’s do it differently!


Starting March 1 I’m doing a 6 week small group intensive that will help you do the mental work that has been missing through all the weight loss/fitness programs you have tried.

Are you ready to see results? The first 20 to register get a discounted spot. Click here to find out if you get one of them...

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