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Beach Retreat 2022 Wrap Up

I'm writing this blog staring out into the Gulf of Mexico on a beautiful Monday morning. I have a final few hours in the gorgeous beach front house where I spent 4 days having the time of my life with women from all backgrounds who flew in from all over the US to explore what it really means to have Total Body Freedom!

Want a little peek at what we did??

We started each morning with Sunrise Yoga. Our house had a beautiful deck that opened from each individual bedroom with full spectacular gulf views. We practiced in the flow style from the Body Freedom Bootcamp - if you haven't already, be sure to get your FREE 12 days of workouts here and try them from your home.

We learned the how and why behind malas. If you aren't familiar, they are similar to prayer beads (rosary style) but are usually used with yoga classes and we even practiced with the ones we made during our final yoga session on Sunday morning. Everyone took theirs homw for a little piece of the PEACE we found during our time on the beach.

Pictured is someone showing different ways to make the center, or guru, bead.

On Friday, I introduced a method of moving that helps your joints stay strong as you age and, of course, we had to do it on the beach. It was sunny, windy and fun! We followed this up with a dip to cool off and the water had never felt better!

We had a guest instructor hang out on Friday night and Saturday morning. Becky Jones helped us learn how to really begin to heal our bodies through the fundamentals of Pilates.

After a super fun BEACH BASH costume party (and yes, there were prizes for the best costumes) we hung out on the beach at a bonfire and laughed so much we cried!!!

Speaking of crying, we spent a lot of time with guided journaling and discussion and were able to unpack some really big stuff that was holding us back. The group of women that found each other at this retreat were amazing. Open, honest, raw and lovers of laughter!! We had an amazing time.

Would you like an invite to the retreat next time??

Get on my client list because we don't really advertise this as it is in intimate event. If you are a life coach or fitness professional who wants to help people get healthy the RIGHT way start your journey with the upcoming BODY FREEDOM SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION COURSE starting soon!

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