BF bootcamp cover.png


1 Coach

2 Weeks

12 Workouts

Unlimited Options!


Get immediate access to a 2-WEEK FITNESS PROGRAM with three types of workouts that can be done anywhere!

All workouts are UNDER 30 MINUTES, have modifications for all participants (chair included) and include 2 rest days!

$400 VALUE

And guess what?

It's FREE!

So what are you waiting for?



HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

for cardiovascular endurance  - no impact necessary!

FLOW (yoga-based training)

strength, balance and flexibility 


FIT (combo workout)

"microfitness" components that are left out of most fitnes programs: agility, coordination & reaction time

All workouts include a mindfulness moment at the end to help us get our MIND right and feel at home in our skin.



  • Anyone who has ever felt like an outsider in the world of fitness.

  • The person who wants to learn to love workout. 

  • Professionals (fitness instructors, personal trainers, physical therapists, etc...) who want to learn techniques to teach physical activity in a body positive way.

  • The people that understand that mental health has a home in physical health activities!

  • Someone who wants to enjoy physical activity/working out. 

  • Anyone needing to start a fitness program and doesn't have much time or space on their hands. 

  • Someone caught in an on-again. off-again relationship with working out.

  • The person who thinks they are beyond help!


What people are saying...

"Wow! I love this.  I can see this working for me! What I really appreciate is that we keep it easy to feel the wins.  This makes it so achievable for me."


"Already my strength and balance are improving, but more importantly, I actually WANT to exercise."


"Gretchen has a charismatic personality, is always encouraging, and wants everyone to meet their goals to be the best they can be."


"Wonderful! It's the furthest I've EVER gotten in an exercise program."