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Back to School Workouts!

Ah... the "Back to School" frenzy... can you feel it? As the parent of a BRAND NEW KINDERGARTENER I have all the feelings about this. But I also have all the memories of playing kickball during recess on the sandy playground, doing laps on the high school track, and swimming early in the morning on swim team.

In the hazy days of the summer season and the final stretch of 100 Days of Summer, why not take advantage of all these memories and get a workout in? Here are some more of my favorites:

  • Walking around in sand (especially walking backwards!)

  • Organized sports (kickball, pickle ball, tetherball, etc.)

  • Bleacher body weight workouts

  • Playing in the pool

  • Walking around a track a few times

  • Climbing - trees, bouldering walls, or in and out of the attic looking for that favorite backpack

  • Laps through the supermarket with the school supply list clutched in your child's tiny sweaty hands

  • Parking heart-healthy as you run errands

  • Throw some books in a backpack and take them to little free libraries in your neighborhood

  • walk to a favorite spot to read a littl

And the BIG ONE: Joining me for the Body Freedom Fitness Challenge! Start your day off on the right foot with Stretch and Strength workouts that you can put on your Fall calendar!

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