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Why is body love so hard??

Short answer: no one lives in body love!

Its like saying we are SO FREAKING EXCITED all the time. That is insane to think that it can happen but it is the same kind of emotion

al expectation we are giving ourselves

However, freedom from that nagging voice of negative body image CAN happen.

Sometimes I wish I could have a one on one conversation with every person out there who has ever struggled with body image. And not just the people who are struggling at the deepest depths of mental health illness. I mean the person who has the fleeting "ugh!" thought when they see a full length mirror. The woman that never tries on clothes because of the possibility of something not fitting. The girl who sees magazine covers and has a moment of desire to "look like that." Why?? Because these are my people.

Chances are (and increasingly if you are a woman) som

ething in that last little bit reached you. If it did, listen up because I have a major mindset overhaul that I think will massively impact the way you feel about yourself and your body.

On today's podcast we talk about practical steps to move out of body love and into TRUE body freedom.

Here's a little nugget to let you know where I'm going.

With Body Freedom, there’s an understanding that we are free to not love ourselves or love ourselves or NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT OUR PHYSICAL BODY every day.

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