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Unconventional Self-Care

One of the things I am insistent on making sure all of my clients understand is what TRUE self care is.

Our culture tends to think that a day of self care is full of massages, champagne brunching, and shopping until we drop. First of all, that is most definitely NOT in my budget to do as often as I need self-care. Second, is drinking champagne and emptying out your kids college fund for some red-bottoms really aiding in your ability to take care of yourself??

True self care is doing something that will allow you to do the things you want to do and live the life you want to live without the undercurrent of stress and poor health.

Things like working out, eating food high in micronutrients, and getting 7-9 hours of sleep are things you can do every day. In fact, if you are a female over 30, here are 3 things you could do every day for easy self-care! CLICK TO WATCH

Even better is looking for the little things that seem unconventional, but really feed your soul.

Yesterday, I took a trip from Richmond, VA to Roanoke, VA to do some work with my sister during a business trip and discovered 5 simple things that I really like to do to take care of my body and mind. They are easy, different, and FUN! LEARN ALL 5

What do YOU do for self-care that seems unconventional?

Here's what a few of you already told me.

Listening to an audiobook on a walk!
I actually wanderlust and plan my next trip as self care!
Skydiving and horseback riding. Not at the same time, of course 😂

What could YOU add?? Feel free to leave a comment here or on the Instagram post!

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