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The 2 Things You MUST Do to Feel IN CONTROL!

Once upon a time I accepted my life exactly as it came to me. I had good days and bad days, but I felt like a pawn in the game of life. I felt completely out of control. So, I added these two little things and - BAM - my whole world changed. Lucky for you, I can't keep it a secret!

1. AM Routine - Get your day started right A solid AM Routine will jumpstart your day. I always encourage people to keel routines simple, so this one may be as much as: wake up, make the bed, get dressed, have breakfast. That's it. It's what you're already (hopefully) doing, but adding in that consistency with making the bed and having breakfast boosts your morning madness into routine status! For some people, it's coffee and the news. For others, it's putting on makeup. This routine is the bare essentials of what you do to greet the day, every day.

2. (You probably guessed it...) PM Routine

Just like you did in the morning, you are going to cap your day with a simple ritual. After the kids go to bed, I read a little, take a bath or shower, stretch, say my affirmations out loud, and hit the hay. Simple, brief, wonderful ending to even some of my worst days - because I like to end on a high note. No matter what the next day or even this night brings, I am settled, calm, and ready.

So... what are you waiting for?! Get those routines going!

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