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Pain Free Fitness Part 1

I know how it is... achy back, sc

eaming knees, tension headaches.

And the more working out you do, the more it hurts!

We have to stop and wonder why we are putting ourselves through this and realize there has GOT TO BE a better way!

Guess what?? There is!!

I am going to give you 7 exercises that will change your life. If you will do these consistently the results will be freeing. My personal training clients have never felt better since incorporating these techniques in their workout plans.

And guess what? I even have video tutorials!

1) Backwards walking - this can be done outside or on the treadmill

2) "Whistle walk" - remember when you were little at the pool, chasing your friend and the dreaded lifeguard whistle sounded followed by a roaring "NO RUNNING!!!!"?

What did you do?? You walked as if your life depended on it because giving up the chase game with your friend was NOT an option!

So, during a normal walk outside (or from a run) pick a moment to shift into super fast walking for as long as you can stand it. Do this maybe 4 times during a 30 min walk/run.

3) Calf Raises - you can do these with your feet parallel, internally rotated (toes in/heels out), and externally rotated (heels in/toes out)

4) Short Stance Lunges - it may seem counter - intuitive at first to let your front knee go beyond your toes, but this technique has been found to be great for increasing flexibility and strength where each is needed most

5) Close Heels Wall Sit - get as low as you can go and make sure your head and shoulders are back against the wall

6) Tibialis Raise - again, using the wall to support your upper body, lift your toes, try to vary the speed. Go as fast as you can then hold the lift for as long as you can before you set them down again.

7) Chair Flow - the video demonstrates 3 different variations that you can move through as you get more comfortable with the exercise.

Want to learn more? Sign up for next week's webinar where we will learn evern more techniques!

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