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On Being T.H.A.N.K.F.U.L.

Today I'm feeling especially... Thanksgiving-y. I know that I am in for some new challenges. This season, and in this particular year, has many of us feeling lonely, sick and tired of the same places and faces, and feeling cooped up. But as this is also the season for gratitude, I thought I'd bring you my favorite practices for mental wellness - gratitude can help us keep the peace this holiday.

And of course, what is a Gretchen blog without a solid acronym?

Tell someone - everyone wants to know that they are needed and loved. By telling someone you are thankful for them you will spark them to be a better version of themselves. Especially importance to keep the peace this holiday.

HALT - feeling a little ungrateful or unsteady and moving out of the space of peace and harmony? Stick with me here, because I'm about to embed an acronym inside this acronym and blow your mind! Simply stop (halt) for a minute and consider what is going on physically that can cause this feeling of disharmony and unsteadiness. Often we are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. Step away and take care of yourself first.

Act grateful - look for the good in things. Often we complain about what is wrong, but can bring more joy in by looking for the things that have gone well. Sure, you couldn't travel for Thanksgiving this year, but look at the amazing Zoom call your community pulled together!

Nest - I remember this happening right before my babies came. I would spend time folding their clothes slowly, cleaning the house, taking care of my environment like I usually don’t. This can be stressful if we look at cleaning as if we are trying to impress our judgy relatives who come over during the holidays. OR it can be relaxing if we look at it as taking care of our space and creating a soothing environment for oursevles/our family! Pull out the pretty pillows, diffuse some great smells, make a thanksgiving blend and spritz it. (I use Young Living oils and my favorite Thanksgiving blend is Thieves & Orange, but hit up my member consultant for all your oily needs:

Kindness is gratitude in action. I'm reminded of Thumper's mother's old adage: “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.” And it's the same thing with gratitude. Be kind to those around you from animals to people, and don't forget to include yourself in that kindness, too.

Feelings lie. Don’t listen to how you feel. That's a quick way to the all-too-familiar spiral down. Ask yourself WHY you feel that way and flip the script on those thoughts. This is something I teach in The MiMo Method, so if this is where you get stuck, join us in January!

Understand your needs. Know when to say "no" and "enough." If you are allergic to it, don't eat it just to be polite. If you need to skip the outdoor movie night for a chill night in snuggling your beloveds, that's fine, too. Give yourself permission and grace. Take care of yourself.

List - 5-10 things you are thankful for every morning - write, talk, sing, dance it out. Express big thanks for every little thing!

And as an added bonus, this Thanksgiving Day we are doing a Gratitude (Yoga) Flow workout at 9am Central! It's a FREE way to express that gratefulness toward your one, uniquely beautiful self.

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