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Does This Count?: Expanding Our View of Exercise!

I can't tell you how many times I've heard people ranking their movement as "counting" or "not counting" as exercise. So let me clear one thing up really quickly:

Movement is movement, and raising your heart rate is important. If you feel like you exercised, you exercised! Broaden those opinions and get moving!

Here's some ideas to help change that perspective:

  • Get others involved. Play tag, go on a scavenger hunt, or meet friends for a quick hike!

  • Park further away. Not only will you "get some steps in," but you'll be lowering your stress that's usually induced by the front of the lot.

  • Use half of your lunch break for a walk after eating. Added benefit: moving after eating is also proven to keep your blood sugar levels more consistent throughout the day.

  • Waiting to pick up a kid at camp or practice? Walk the sideline or take a lap around the building.


Need a few more ideas to keep this going? Get started on the 100 Days of Summer now!

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