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Breastfeeding, Posture and Dealing with Mom Bod Dysmorphia with Britney Burna

Oh, man. The aches and pains of motherhood seem to multiply once our babies are born. I cannot tell you how many times Britney blew my mind with her recommendations, insight, and intuitive guidance as a lactation consultant and peer! She is so incredible! I know you'll get a lot from this conversation with the added bonus of our children as visual aids (they seriously have the cutest moment together and her little guy is just the best breastfeeding model ever).

From my virtual assistant: "I'm not a mom, but this was probably one of my favorite vidcasts. It may seem weird at first - an interview about breastfeeding and posture and I do not have children - but the posture and stretching tips are universal. Sure, I may not be breastfeeding a kid, but using Britney's postural tips, Gretchen's reminders that all bodies are good bodies, and all the stretching guidance are SO GREAT for people who work bent over a computer in some less-than-ideal positions. I've put a footstool under my desk and I take more frequent stretch breaks." (Since Jessie watches ALL of my vidcasts multiple times, you know this is a good one if she keeps coming back to it!)

SO GO WATCH... then join me for the MOM FITNESS CHALLENGE!

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