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Barre: It's Not Just for Ballerinas!

Barre works the 5 core components of fitness (the ones you need to live a quality life). Don't believe me? Check it out:

  • Cardiovascular fitness (cardio/heart pumping) Let's jump in with a quote from my friend Jamie Stewart, a well-rounded actor/director who spends all day sitting, standing, moving around, and can sometimes be found atop ladders or crawling underneath a set piece. She is a vocal proponent of barre workouts: "I have exercise induced asthma, so I had to give up traditional cardio. Barre is the perfect workout for me! It's a total body workout that is low impact with BIG results."

  • Muscular endurance (being able to sustain long periods of muscles being taxed) Anyone who has taken a hike and wants to keep going but simply feels like they can't has experienced the limit of their muscular endurance. Barre will build that to help you keep going with carrying groceries, carrying kids, hiking or just walking through the neighborhood to see the beautiful lights!

  • Muscular strength (able to lift heavier things for short bouts) My sister lives on the second floor of her building and parks at one end of the block. She also walks to her library AND the grocery store. Her muscular endurance is enhanced by her muscular strength! She can pick up twice as many zucchini or bring home more books without feeling like she is exhausted after a few weekly barre workouts.

  • Flexibility (moving our body outside of its normal range of motion) - I add a little more focus on this in yoga barre, and I can promise you will feel a difference. Just toss some quarters on a linoleum floor to find out how flexible you can become.

  • Body composition - our body is made up of a lot of things but 2 really important things barre helps with is an increase in muscle mass and loading on our joints to promote bone density (Lower risk for osteoporosis!!)

Other benefits

  • Balance! Ever wonder how dancers can hold each other up while standing on their tippy toes? You won't after a few barre workouts.

  • Low impact with high intensity - just like yoga, barre can provide you with a WORKOUT workout without straining knees, hips, and other joints. In fact, when combined with yoga (wink wink), we can get a full body workout that your body will thank you for!

Take it from me or Jamie... your body will thank you for getting in a barre or yoga barre workout. Luckily, we have a free workout coming up THIS SATURDAY MORNING (12/19/2020) and you can still RSVP by clicking below! Give it a try!

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