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30-Day Check In!

If you follow me on Instagram, you can probably guess what this is about! We have been killing it in homeschool with:

That's right - I didn't just create this resource for you; I created it for ALL of us mamas figuring out how to keep our kids moving and learning together. We have played, danced, and competed our way through thirty days of PE so far. And, of course, we've learned along the way:

My oldest child is a choreographer!

Thanks to the dance party days, We have learned that she has a flair for fluttering arms, pointed toes, and lots and lots of jumping. Any day that includes dance is, for her, a great day!

If you don't schedule it, you might miss it.

September was a whirlwind! Several times I was just playing with the kids and looked over to where our tracker chart is and suddenly realized - we didn't do PE this morning! Thank goodness for our tracker AND all the low- and no-equipment activities in the e-book. It was so easy to grab and go, and trust me when I say: set a PE reminder alert on your phone! Now! I need to, too... where's my phone?

My littlest is moving and grooving a mile a minute.

She is striving so hard to keep up with her sister and friends, and mama, believe me when I say I'm so proud of her! All this daily activity keeps her following us around. She is exhibiting signs of having amazing musicality, physical awareness and she even may be (eep!) walking soon!

I get a workout, too!

When I decided to integrate this into my kids' lives, I also committed to doing the workouts, too. And boy, do I! Allowing the kids to assign "moves" to coins, cards, or music, I find myself jumping on one foot or skipping nonstop. And you know any hike led by a 3 year old is going to be the most EXTRA hike I have ever been on.


How is it going?

What are you learning?

Do you and your littles have a favorite exercise yet?

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Gretchen Gegg
Gretchen Gegg
Oct 06, 2020

Awesome Marisa!!


Marisa Thompson
Marisa Thompson
Oct 06, 2020

Thanks for the reminder. I was just thinking yesterday, that we have been off on our schedule for P.E. Definitely setting a timer on my phone so we can join in the FUN.

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