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150 Minutes

As a body-positive fit coach I help peple overcome a lot of barriers when it comes to diet and exercise. Today, I want to address one of the BIGGEST that I see and that is "Exercise Credit."

When I help people create a personal exercise plan they often ask "Does that count as exercise?" when I mention things like playing at the park with their child or sitting in a chair to do the cardio workout. It's as if exercise can only count if it really really sucks!

Have you been in this trap before?

Let me break it down for you. If you are doing ANYTHING to get your heart rate up (feels like being able to talk in one or two word bursts before having to stop to take a breath) it counts!! Also, you should really be doing something that you enjoy for physical activity or that is part of your lifestyle already. Why? Because you are more likely to stick to it without even thinking.

So what's with 150 minutes?

150 minutes is the tipping point. If you can accumulate 150 minutes of intentional physical activity each week (that's 30 minutes most days) you get all the benefits of regular physical activity.

Benefits like:

- reduced risk of heart attack & stroke

- lower blood cholesterol levels

- lower risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers

- lower blood pressure

- stronger bones (lowered osteoporosis risk)

- stronger muscles and joints

- recover from sickness, bed rest and injury faster

- better sleep

- more energy

- an easier time overcoming negative thoughts and worries

- improve or lower your risk for depression

So, what does intentional activity look like? (Not as hard as you think)

- walk somewhere if you can before you drive

- if you do drive, park in the back of the parking lot or the top deck of the garage

- bike riding

- chair fitness

- group fitness class

- yoga

- anything you like that gets you moving!!

Need help getting started? Sign up for a super low cost premeire membership and take advantage of our Virtual Yoga Studio (live fitness) and On-Demand Fitness. Check it out!

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