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Which diet and fitness program should I pick?

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Something I hear a lot in every day life is people talking about what diet or fitness program they are currently involved in. Maybe I’m just attuned to it being a health & fitness gal, but it always seems like people are just jumping from thing to thing!!

You may or may not know that jumping around really isn’t the best way to reach health goals. Now, maybe you just get bored, but if you are jumping around because nothing is working then its time to step back and look at what to watch for when you are picking something to help you get into shape or become a healthier individual.

Let’s talk about 3 Red Flags to watch for!

RED FLAG #1 - The program is missing any or all of the effective stages in behavior change.

According to a ton of research we know that the following stages should be present:

Preparation - a period of time spent on assessing where you are now and where you want to go and anything that needs to be dealt with before embarking on your journey. There will likely be some of this present even if it’s just a checkbox saying that you understand what you are getting into.

Action - this is the meat and potatoes. What to do and when - most programs have this in abundance. However, this is ALL most programs have. And this is probably the main reason most programs don’t stick.

Maintenance - if action was the stage most programs have enough of then maintenance is the stage they are sorely lacking. I think of programs like the Biggest Loser where people are left hanging after a major life change and some just can’t handle it. Not because it was a “fake” change, but because they weren’t given tools to help their new protocol stick. Now, I don’t want to give away all my secrets because next week we are talking about this exact thing. But suffice it to say that, if a program isn’t giving you a “where to go next” or “how to continue” or even real-life coaching along the way, you need to find a new program!

RED FLAG #2 - The program is missing what YOU need and any sense of personalization.

Now, in my world this looks like one on one or group coaching. In fact, this was the impetus behind starting my own certification program. I really believe that we can only truly help people when we are listening to what is going on inside their head. However, there are other programs that incorporate some sort of personalization in the forms of questions about likes/dislikes and other quizzes about what you want/need.

Here is some good news though. If a program doesn’t have this (like an online fitness class or eating protcol) it isn’t game over. You can make this program work by hiring a health or life coach to help you do the mental work that needs to go along with any change. So, while this IS a red flag, it is more about knowing what else you need in a diet or fitness program.

RED FLAG #3 - There is no understanding of WHY you are WHERE you are.

Much like our last red flag you may be able to find a program that fits to a point, but needs some extra add ins. This time, though, instead of using someone outside of yourself you should try to answer these three questions BEFORE signing up for any program if they aren’t already asking you them…

  1. How has your environment affected your life so far and how can you edit it?

Basically, you need to know what, if anything, has derailed you before and has the potential to keep derailing you. These things need to be brought out into the open and looked at with a critical eye.

  1. What is “living rent free” in your head about your body/health or ability to change?

Do you lift yourself up or berate yourself all day long? Too many of us are our own worst enemies when it comes to talking to ourselves. This can change! With the help of simply understanding, we can start being gentler to ourselves and our bodies.

  1. What have you done to create a support system?

A few weeks ago we talked about the 5 people you need in your life. These people need to be in place from the beginning of any new program you decide to start.

If you are looking for a program like this you are in LUCK. I have created The Mind Into MOtion (MiMo) Method and recently got my first round of coaches certified so we can offer this program more often and to more people. You can visit if you want a program the definitely works and has none of these red flags.

If you are a fitpro, life coach or health coach or someone who works with clients in this way then you might be more interested in becoming a Body Freedom Specialist and getting licensed to use the course materials along the way. You can visit to check it out and get on the list for our next cycle that starts in January. We only take 10 students at a time and its a 12 week process so don’t wait!

Do you want a personal life coach? Someone to walk you through this and things like it?

Schedule your free consultation with Gretchen and see if we would be a good fit. No strings attached!

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