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How Gretchen Gegg Created & Grew the MiMo™ Method for a Flexible Lifestyle

This picture is about HALF the size of my happy face when I opened my emails on the morning of January 1, 2020 and first up was a FEATURE of my course The MiMo Method on! Check out an excerpt below:

I serve women of all ages who are frustrated with the typical “diet and exercise” program for losing weight and keeping it off.  These women have been told they need to workout to the point of exhaustion and eat very specific foods and that is the ONLY way that weight will come off.  That is simply not true.  Research shows that consistency is key and that consistency can only be found when someone makes these lifestyle changes routine.
In The MiMo™ Method we take 12 weeks to gradually move into bigger and bigger changes all while focusing on putting the Mind into Motion first! (That’s where the name MiMo comes from).
The biggest benefit is breaking out of the cycle of the typical self-hate and body-shaming that many diet and exercise programs are built on.  By learning to love ourselves first we will want nothing more than to take care of our one and only physical body!

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