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If you're anything like me, you also hate jumping jacks. They just feel like being in Ms. Wilcox's 5th grade PE class. We always started with like 7 million jumping jacks (or maybe 25, not sure). Even in 5th grade they crammed my toes to the ends of my shoes and made me feel awkward. REALLY awkward. BUT, and no shame to that PE coach... I never truly learned how to do JACK. So here are quite a few years later, and I want to make sure that YOU are equipped for a great cardio workout that can include the "jack" that works with your body. After all, this is part of my Cardio for EveryBODY series! Check out these variations:

  1. Seated unilateral - Unilateral means "one-side" - this is going to get your arms and legs moving and blood pumping. It's a no-impact way to get a great core and cardio workout!

  2. Standing unilateral - again, one side at a time, this is a low-impact jack that helps develop coordination, raises your heart rate, and is used frequently in concussion rehabilitation. (Did you know that?) If you want something to improve balance, this is your guy!

  3. Seated bilateral - BOTH sides are at play here! If you want a cardio and core workout, look no further. Ab day in a chair, y'all. Thank me later.

  4. Standing bilateral - the "classic," but watch the video below for form! It doesn't have to be a 5th grader's idea of a jumping jack! It's really a great cardio workout that hits those stabilizing muscles and connective tissues.

HOT TIP: Alternate! You don't have to stick to just ONE type of jack. Do all, do one, weave them into your workout or warmup. Change the game!

Watch them on video below:

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