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How to Attract, Keep and Serve Health Client at Your Highest Level!

You may not even be aware of the fact that you can do this or that you can do even more than you are right now. Listen up health & wellness professionals... this may be the only chance you get so don't let it pass you by!!

Are you ready to help your clients create lasting health changes that start from the inside out?

Let's be clear here, this blog is designed for anyone working with clients from a health & wellness standpoint. Is this you?? Are you a...

  • Life Coach

  • Fitness Director

  • Personal Trainer

  • Group Exercise Instructor

  • Small Group Coach

  • Health Coach

  • Counselor

  • Therapist

  • Medical Professional of any type (especially DOs, Chiropractors, Nurses, PTs/OTs and anyone who wants to consider a more holistic approach to healing)

If you fall into ANY of those groups...this blog is for you!

It is high time we DO better!!

The healthcare, fitness and wellness industries have long been a place where we offer one-size-fits-all diet and exercise prescriptions without taking into account individual needs for behavior change. In fact, we seldom do any assessment outside of basic physical health signs/symptoms!

Now, most people will easily agree that this SHOULD be done, but NO ONE is teaching the HOW! What do we ask? What do we look for? How could assessment be different?

We are left craving more and being told there is more to uncover, but the tools and techniques are left up to us to discover for ourselves.

LOOK NO MORE! There is a way that we can show up with the tools and techniques that will address all stages of behavior change and physical health protocols while teaching MINDSET STRATEGIES to our clients that need our help!

How?? By completing the BODY FREEDOM SPECIALIST course!

In this 12 Week program you get everything you need to help your clients reach their health goals while addressing mindset first, massive action next and strategies for maintenence so they don't continue living on the toxic rollercoaster of diet culture! WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME?? - Weekly live group lessons. - Access to audio tutorials - Unlimited live and on-demand fitness through the Body Positive Fitness Studio. - Thousands of dollars in FREE bonus content including: expert interviews with top health professionals, the Faith Meditation Series, printable mantra cards, reusable 28 day planner, recipe collection and more! PLUS... You get full licensing rights to The MiMo Method course. That's right! This is a course that is done for you and ready to launch to your group. All you need is a zoom account and email. Seriously, it's that simple. We even take care of the marketing for you. As part of your registration, you are given access to graphics from logos to testimonials promoting the success of MiMo in helping clients reach health goals!! IF YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED YOUR OWN HEALTH COURSE AND DIDN'T HAVE THE TIME OR KNOWLEDGE TO DO IT, THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE! Hey Gretchen! What does this course look like??? Give me a step by stp...

Okay, you got it!


In weeks 1-4 we learn how to take our clients through a MINDSET RESET!

  • Learn how to complete a comprehensive initial assessment evaluating 6 components of wellness and a secondary "environment" assessment to identify barriers and beliefs that may be holding your client back.

  • Study physiology and psychology and how they overlap in the R.A.M.P. method of behavior change. Use this method to fast track clients' results.

  • Get strategies to help your client set a vision for their overall wellness.


In weeks 5-8 we take massive action to begin BREAKING BARRIERS!

  • Tap into what eating and moving for health REALLY means...and how to keep that perspective.

  • Tackle the basics Nutrition AND Fitness to improve your client's physical health while working within the scope of your practice.

  • Learn the two part strategy of staying on track while taking massive action. Take basic cognition strategies from Phase 1 a step further to bring your client's vision to life!

  • Create an environment of success based on the Body Freedom Spectrum!


In weeks 9-12 we begin LIVING OUR BEST LIFE!

  • Deep dive into making change stick and uncover why other plans may have failed your client in the past. Focus on new methods of teaching stress and self-care that will set your program apart!

  • Begin Sleep Journaling to assess the impact of quality and quantity of sleep on health goals.

  • Learn the 8 Ms of Modern Meditation and how to guide your client through a meditation session that will work for them!

  • Be 100% prepared to launch your own program for health/wellness clients.

So, are you ready to start!!!

Visit now to enroll or submit a question form. We will set up a call to answer all your questions!

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