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Holiday Burnout - 2020 Edition

Ugh. It's that time of year... pressure is rising in our midst to outdo, outperform, and outEAT last year's holiday festivities. Except this year we have yet one more adversary:


I have to admit that even I, the holiday helper, baker, decorator, and (gasp!) crafter, the party thrower and family inviter, am beginning to grow weary of all of the back and forth about cups and decorations and sales. They are opening up Black Friday sales TODAY. THE SECOND MONDAY IN NOVEMBER. I am inundated with ads to buy and eat and order and eat again all while maintaining pandemic precautions (which is still a thing, by the way). It's like someone plopped a great big fruitcake on the "holiday stress" button!

THANK GOODNESS I have tried and methods up my sleeve to deal with this madness. We can blame it on 2020, blame it on Covid, blame it on whatever, but every year can either come with excuses or come with armor. That's why I'm offering my Healthy Holiday Masterclass this year! I may not be able to stop the ads or truncate the sales, but Mama, I can give you the same tools I use to stay healthy, manage stress, and banish guilt during the holidays. Bring a little Happy back into your Holidays and join mean we tackle this phenomenon together. 2020 or not, this holiday season is going to be peaceful, merry, and bright!

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