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5 Things to Do Instead: A Conversation with Regina Jenkins, RN, BSN & Caregiver Coach

To say that we are in "unprecedented times" is probably the understatement of the year. The very long, complicated, and full-of-surprises year. The year that has seen some really difficult moments with the unexpected passing of friends, neighbors having new babies that I can't hold WHEN I REALLY WANT TO, and tons of folks bringing their family members home from elder and hospital care situations to avoid being infected by a virus. I want to help these friends, truly, but I honestly have no idea how, and when I ask they say they're fine or there's nothing I can do. So... I asked my mom for help!

Here she is providing a little respite for this Mama while running an entire wilderness medical station. Did I mention she's incredible?

My mom, Regina Jenkins is amazing. She's an RN, BSN who specializes in home hospice care after spending over 30 years in intensive care positions. She knows a thing or two about families who are creating a caregiving plan and space, and she is an expert at transitioning from overwhelming crisis mode to thriving, loving caregiving situations. This is a genuine, true calling for her, and you can tell by her passion and amazing help in THIS VIDEO.

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